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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject RE: Next SDK Release Timing
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2012 22:06:09 GMT
> Hi,
> Release early and often should be the case, we are way overdue for a release IMO.
> Justin
Justin is correct. Part of the graduation criteria is to be a self-sustaining community. Concerning
ourselves with whether mentors approve or disapprove of our project provides evidence that
we aren't quite free of our need to get their guidance & feedback. By continuing to help
ourselves, scratching our own itches, and moving forward, we show that we are ready. I think
that one of the criteria we are being evaluated on is: Does the project have an diverse, creative,
& unstoppable momentum? If so, then we show that our project is ready for graduation,

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