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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: [ASJS] Some information on "templates"
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 23:44:25 GMT

Quoting Frank Wienberg <frank@jangaroo.net>:

> On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Michael Schmalle
> <apache@teotigraphix.com>wrote:
>> Frank,
>> I'm working on the compiler but I am far from anybody that knows about how
>> to code javascript or get is from as to js right.
>> I am very good at the getting it done part when I know what needs to be
>> done.
>> I can do fine when people are telling me what they need, I can make that
>> happen. (in respect to cross compiling javascript)
>> How do you propose helping "design" the output and possibly integrating
>> code you have already written?
> To get more concrete, why not starting a first iteration trying to get
> Falcon to generate code in the Jangaroo Runtime "DSL" format, and use the
> Jangaroo runtime as-is? I love prototypes with a visible, executable result!
> You said you already had a look at Jangaroo's JSCodeGenerator class and
> found it quite straight-forward, so porting that to visit a Falcon AST
> could be a starting point.
> Do we just have the AST of the current compilation unit, or do we have
> access to a "class repository" as well? We need the latter to produce some
> of the advanced Jangaroo runtime features. For example, we need to resolve
> inherited members to add "this." when needed.
> When we got the basic language features up and running, we could continue
> with merging our approach with Erik's Google-Closure-friendly output and
> see what happens.

OK, I get what your aiming at here. Coming from a total AST approach,  
we have access to everything on a project scope if we set up the main  
program such as FlasconJS is setup.

I have actually written an ASDoc clone using falcon.

- check out the docs created by it using Velocity templates [0]

What this shows is I had full access to a compile session and was able  
to use the IDefinition API to traverse what I needed. Now we have the  
IASNode which will give us the method scopes and expressions.

Heh, the expressions are what I am afraid of but, you have done it! So  
I know it's possible and that is all I need for a flashlight.

I might make something in my whiteboard that starts on this idea  
within the next week and you can checking it out, we could then  
collaborate that way.

- [0] http://www.teotigraphix.org/apache-flex-4.8/index.html

>> Keep in mind you are talking to a relative child here in relation to your
>> knowledge and understanding of how your framework works and how it could be
>> applied.
>> I guess I'm asking for a little "hand holding" from you so we can get off
>> on the right start and get things implemented.
> Same holds true for me when it comes to getting started with developing on
> Apache Flex, in particular the as-js branch you talked about, so I'd need
> help there...

Not a problem, I won't confuse you right at the moment as it's still  
taking shape.

>> Remember, your already part of the team with what you have given us so far
>> regarding information and javascript, not to mention years of experience
>> with all of this! :)
> Thank you! Glad if I can help. You see, it is of course in our own interest
> that a) ActionScript/Flex survives and works on HTML5/JavaScript platforms
> (well I think the latter is a precondition of the former!), and b) the way
> JavaScript is generated is to a great extent similar to / compatible with
> what we do. We have a large code base of ActionScript code that is meant to
> run directly in the browser and use JavaScript libraries (here: Ext JS),
> and we would be glad if we could replace our development tools by Apache
> Flex in the future!

This is what I am counting on. Apache Flex is a GREEN project, we are  
recycling 100s of thousands of hours of developer and CPU time into a  
future. Thus Apache Flex is reducing the carbon foot print... heheh


> -Frank-

Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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