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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Who's a flex compiler-configuration pro on this list?
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 04:15:38 GMT

On 11/24/12 5:16 PM, "Frédéric THOMAS" <webdoublefx@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Switching SDK, is as easy as changing a property in only one pom.xml,
> nothing else to do as soon as the SDK you want to use is mavenized
> obviously, the player itself is not needed, we can specify the target
> version but there's no dependencies.
> During the SDK mavenization process (with the mavenizer), a relation between
> Flex SDK and Air SDK is etablished, it's done by comparing the checksum of
> the airglobal.swc inside each Air SDKs and the ones inside each Flex SDKs.
I might still be confused but I thought that the goal of getting Adobe to
put pom.xml files with its SDKs is so that there doesn't really need to be a
mavenizer.  My understanding is that a mavenizer takes stuff you've
downloaded and packages it up into a local maven repo.  Please correct me if
that is not true.  I'm still trying to learn all of this stuff.

Also, Apache Flex is trying to break any tie between the Apache Flex SDK and
an AIR SDK.  Adobe Flex used to only support a specific version of the AIR
SDK, but Apache Flex seems to want to allow an Apache Flex version to work
with as many AIR SDK versions as possible.

So, with my limited understanding of Maven, the goal was to have Apache Flex
releases have a pom.xml and live in the Apache Maven repo, and have Adobe
playerglobal.swc and airglobal.swc (and maybe more) on the Adobe download
server, and there wouldn't need to be an "mavenizer" to copy any of these
binaries into your local Maven repo.

Or will there still be a mavenizer that needs to be run?  If so, what will
it do?
>> but when building a .AIR file (and or an AIRI for signing) or a mobile
>> package,
> I'm pretty sure other parts of the AIR SDK are involved and that they might
> change between AIR versions.
> AFAIK, airglobal.swc and ADT only are needed for packaging into AIR, AIRI,
> ANE, EXE, APK, IPA, ..., at the moment FlexMojos uses a class of the adt.jar
> called AIRPackager and call the createAIR method instead of using the ADT
> class, therefore it can package only  into AIR (which is already something
> appreciated).
If you look in an AIR SDK, there are lots of files in there.  Sure you might
only need to call adt.jar, but if you delete every other file in there
besides airglobal.swc, will you really get a valid AIR, AIRI, APK and
especially IPA?  I mean, the AIR runtime has to get processed into the IPA
right?  And the updater UI swfs in other packages?

And, I would still worry that adt.jar has some dependency

If you are pretty sure no other files are needed, let's actually try it.
Try using your mavenizer on a stripped down AIR SDK with only airglobal.swc
and adt.jar and see if you can create an IPA via maven.  Or I will put up a
couple of versions of those two files on a server somewhere and those of you
who use Maven can try to see if they can switch between them.
> Not sure I anwsered at everything you want, only the things I understood you
> want, ask again please for more precisions.

Thanks for being patient.  I'm still coming up to speed on this stuff.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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