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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Make Git happen
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:10:57 GMT
>> Another angle to explore is whether it would be ok from an Apache
>> perspective to simply do our work on the public GitHub and only copy
>> released sources back to either Apache SVN or some simpler Apache Git
>> installation
> I would have trouble with that approach and I suspect the board would too.
> We want development to be open and transparent. The way we accomplish that
> at Apache is for commit messages and code discussions to take place on the
> mailing list. In this way we know code is being developed in the open by
> watching the mailing lists.
I've never used GitHub.  It doesn't have a way to monitor commits that
couldn't send a notification to flex-commits@?

> But they want to change it without sacrificing core tenets of
> the Apache Way. So this is not easy and it won't happen overnight. But
> there's good reasons IMO for us to stick with the program instead of trying
> to do an end-run around it.
I didn't see it as an end-run.  But I have been trying to understand how
much of the Apache Way is tied to Infra.  As you know, I've been complaining
about centralized Infra for the whole time we've been in incubation.
Meanwhile, some topics like signed binaries, while they are being worked on
by Infra, have at least temporarily been foisted out to external entities
like the companies that sign binary distributions of SVN.

With all of the new projects I see entering Apache, I wonder if Infra is
going to collapse from all of that weight.  So why not off-load Infra by
using GitHub for some things?

Here is a list of other things I've been thinking about regarding Apache

1) JIRA Import.  We still don't have the attachments imported for old bugs.
The last two pings on INFRA-4380 have been unanswered.
2) JIRA SubProjects.  All of our JIRA issues are listed as FLEX-nnnnn.  Yes,
we could push for FALCON-nnnnn and some other things like that, but that
doesn't scale well.  When you go to enter a new bug, imagine how many
choices there will be if all of these other new Apache Projects also need
different JIRA subproject prefixes for different things.  Some Apache
projects should share a JIRA instance since bugs may be more frequently
misfiled and transferred among projects, but for some like Flex, I think we
would be better off on our own.
3) CI.  We have to share a server that keeps going down.  I'm seriously
thinking of hooking up some old machines and doing CI on my own hardware.
4) Custom web-services.  There are flex tests that need to talk to a server
in order to test web-services APIs and security.  I've been thinking of
paying for my own domain to host these things.
5) Showcase apps.  If we want to have a set of showcase apps on our website,
they will also want to talk to custom web services on the backend.
6) Custom web-sites.  Flex is still currently about Flash.  Is it even
possible to put Flash on our Apache Flex web-site?

So what are really the minimum requirements of the Apache Way?  For sure the
mailing lists and voting and the processes for earning committer-hood.  And
that source code for releases and release packages are on Apache hardware.

Other than #1, I have not approached Infra since I get the sense they are
way overloaded since they have not replied to pings on #1.  But I'd
appreciate your thoughts on how to approach Infra and/or how to help Apache

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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