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From Carol Frampton <cfram...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: make sure you SVN client has eol-style configured correctly
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2012 21:16:04 GMT

On 11/7/12 12 :58PM, "Om" <bigosmallm@gmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks Carol.  The settings file at [1] has entries for .as, .mxml, .swc
>files, but does not include entries for .fxg, .swf and .fla.  Would be
>to add these as well, since our project involves such files?

Yes, you can add those to your local file.

I got the main flex extensions added to the master Apache config file when
we first started this project.  I suppose I could ask for the others to be
added as well, or we can just post our version of the file somewhere on
our site and use that.

Note that these settings only apply when a file is added.  If you try to
add a new file and you get a "mixed line endings" error it means svn can't
deduce the line ending because there is more than one type in the file.
Change all the line endings to be either windows or mac endings and re-add
the file.


>[1] http://www.apache.org/dev/svn-eol-style.txt
>On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:26 AM, Carol Frampton <cframpto@adobe.com>
>> Committers,
>> Please make sure you have your SVN client configured correctly so when
>> add new files the eol settings are correct [1] [2].  Most files should
>> native line endings not as-is line endings.
>> This will help ensure a diff of the source tree on Windows will match
>> sources in the zip kit and a diff of the source tree on OSX will match
>> sources in the tar.gz kit.
>> Carol
>> [1] http://www.apache.org/dev/version-control.html#https-svn
>> [2]  http://www.apache.org/dev/svn-eol-style.txt

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