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From Hordur Thordarson <hor...@lausn.is>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:38:46 GMT
Exactly.  And talking about reality, reality is also that HTML will never be everything to
everybody, a one-size-fits-all solution, simply because there are no such solutions, requirements
are very different depending on what you are building.  For myself, I'll check out JavaFX
before being stuck with deploying to HTML/JS.  If the JavaFX crowd gets it's deployment experience
sorted (it is currently very poor compared fex to AIR) and they find a way of building captive-runtime
apps for mobile (both problems are being worked on btw), then they have a pretty cool platform
on their hands where you can write your frontend and backend in Java (like the JS crowd is
trying with Node.js).  Since I use JavaEE for the backend for my apps, this would be a killer
scenario for me.

On 21.11.2012, at 11:08, Carlos Rovira wrote:

>> HTML5 is not mature enough to compete with flash player right now, but we
>> have to think about future, and it will improve quite quick with all the
>> hype around it.
>> And even if you prefer flash player, there is our dreams, and there is
>> reallity. And reallity is that Adobe is pushing HTML5 for web and giving up
>> flash player for that. And we have to be prepared to a time where there
>> will not be flash player only HTML5 everywhere. (in several years maybe,
>> but will happen unless something drastically change)
> The problem with this HTML5 trend is that HTML5 does not fit all
> necessities. Big desktop/browser applications are a pain to develop and
> maintain in HTML5. I understand how facebook people suffer ;). So Apple,
> Adobe and others are pushing tools to solve little solutions, but not
> enterprise solutions, since they didn't get any money (since they never
> understand/improve their business model to target the enterprise world)
> I'd like to target HTML5/JS but to solve the problem of deploy for mobile
> browsers (or even desktop browsers if I need...) some solutions that use to
> be not as huge as the ones we develop (ERPs and other big monsters only
> desktop apps...) and make all of this using the same development paradigm
> (IDEs, language, OOP,...)

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