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From "christofer.dutz@c-ware.de" <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: AW: AW: [POLL] Maven and Apache Flex
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 19:58:52 GMT

so if it was possible to place archives on Adobe servers and download stuff from there using
the maven plugin that would be great. In the simplest case I guess simply a url and naming
convention would do. Ideally I would volunteer to prepare archives containing mavenized stuff
that the plugin could simply download and extract without having to do any processing. This
would make the plugin a lot easier without adding any work for Adobe.


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Betreff: Re: AW: AW: [POLL] Maven and Apache Flex

On 11/28/12 11:27 AM, "christofer.dutz@c-ware.de"
<christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:

> Ok so this is good news :-)
> Well perhaps some other guys could join the discussion, because 
> currently I don't have an idea how we want to enforce the accceptance 
> of the licenses from the side of the download-server - I mean on http level.
> My proposal for an automated downloader would take care of integrating 
> the license acceptance into the maven build, unfortunately it woudn't 
> prevent someone from simply downloading the stuff from the Adobe 
> servers manually without accepting any license.
I'm pretty sure we don't have to worry about that but I will check with legal if we decide
to pursue this approach.  Today the Adobe downloads page eventually hits a URL on the actual
download server that starts the download of the bits.  If you had a network monitor you would
see the actual request for the bits and one you know that you can go back and get it directly.
 I'm pretty sure we haven't installed any defenses.

> What exaclty would "manage the download server"
> mean? Are you allowed to place stuff in certain directories, or could 
> you setup stuff on the server itself?
I think the download server is just a file server on Akamai.  I don't know what it would take
to install server-side code on it, but I would much rather not.  There would be extra scrutiny
about that, I would expect.

> Just to sort of give the thoughts a
> direction. I still think of a Nexus instance with 
> creating/reactivating accounts linked to accepting the Licenses of 
> being the best and safest solution. It would definitely reduce the 
> amount of work having tob e done at Adobes side and we could simply rely on the existing
maven features.
How would that save on Adobe time?  Wouldn't a Nexus instance require maintenance and security
> And to the point of Adobe not earning Money with it ... I would think 
> of it as customer support. After all ... as a european citizen I payed 
> double the US price for my Adobe products, just for hearing that they 
> are dopping support for the parts I was interested in just a few weeks 
> after purchasing the update to the latest (and last) version. So I 
> would treat this as post-product support and it would definitely 
> enlarge the chance of me being willing to give Adobe money for any 
> products they might create in the future :-)
Yes, that's why Adobe is willing to even listen to this request: to support our loyal customers.
 But product management could not find Gaming developers who want to use Maven or related
tools so the only folks benefiting are Flex folks right now, and so they want to limit resource
commitment to Maven support.  But at least it isn't zero resources.
> Chris
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> Von: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com]
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. November 2012 19:37
> An: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
> Betreff: Re: AW: [POLL] Maven and Apache Flex
> On 11/28/12 10:01 AM, "christofer.dutz@c-ware.de"
> <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:
>> Yeah ... I meant Adobe :-)
>> Well I think the form in which Adobe provides the stuff would be a 
>> thing we could discuss ...
>> I guess there are a lot of options.
>> - The one side would be downloader-mojo simply downloading the normal 
>> zip files containinig AIR SDK or Flash Player stuff and mavenizing 
>> that on the client.
>> - The other side would be downloading fully mavenized resources 
>> directly from an Adobe server.
>> I guess there could be a number of options inbetween too.
>> I would prefer the option with fully mavenized resources being 
>> downloaded directly from Adobe, but I am assuming it would probably 
>> be the other side that would be more realistic to hope for.
>> (I think Adobe doesn't want to do anything to support us in regard of 
>> Maven ... at least that's my current assumption).
> Actually, I have the ok from Runtime product management to let me 
> manage the download server and place pom.xmls as needed.  But that's 
> about it. And they want assurance that licenses are being accepted 
> before downloading.  So, if we can make this work by giving me or 
> showing me how to set up pom.xmls I will go ask for login credentials 
> to the downloads server, setup a couple of folders and we can start actually trying it.
> Adobe does want to support us, but the fact is, Adobe isn't getting 
> any money from this so they aren't going to spend a lot of time on it.
>> With this option it would be good if there was a systematic way of 
>> providing them so we wouldn't have to maintain a mapping table for 
>> mapping versions to URLs but could calculate the url.
>> Something like
>> "http://download.adobe.com/runtimes/flash/{flashversion}-{os}.zip" or 
>> "http://download.adobe.com/runtimes/air/{airversion}-{os}.zip" would 
>> be great.
>> Doesnt actually have to be that URL, just that we could calculate the 
>> URL for it by setting "type" (flash/air), "version" and "os" (win/mac/lnx).
> I believe I get to control a new set of folders containing runtime SDKs.
> The runtime team will probably keep using their current scheme.  They 
> will not update our new folder area when a new release goes out so we 
> will have to keep track and maintain that ourselves.  But I think I 
> can use whatever folder naming scheme you want to use.
>> Chris
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>> Von: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com]
>> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. November 2012 18:34
>> An: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
>> Betreff: Re: [POLL] Maven and Apache Flex
>> On 11/28/12 8:23 AM, "Greg Reddin" <gredbug@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 5:49 AM, christofer.dutz@c-ware.de < 
>>> christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:
>>>> What would you all think of the following solution:
>>>> - Apache deploys the Apache Flex FDK artifacts in a public maven 
>>>> repo (Without the Apache stuff you need a license for)
>> Apache stuff or Adobe Stuff?
>>>> - In the maven-flex-plugin suite there is one mojo that binds to 
>>>> mavens "initialize" phase and checks the availability of the Apache 
>>>> artifacts. If they are missing it prompts the user if he accepts 
>>>> the license agreement (An option to allow a non-interactive build 
>>>> would be good for running on
>>>> CI-Servers)
>> So, if I understand correctly, you will use the presence of the Adobe 
>> artifacts to skip prompting the user to accept the license?
>> That sounds good to me.  So then all Adobe needs to do is put pom.xml 
>> files alongside the different AIR SDK downloads?
>> Thanks,
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>> Alex Harui
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>> Adobe Systems, Inc.
>> http://blogs.adobe.com/aharui
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> Alex Harui
> Flex SDK Team
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