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From Hordur Thordarson <hor...@lausn.is>
Subject Re: Flex 5 in haxe
Date Sat, 17 Nov 2012 18:35:34 GMT
Nope, haven't used Catalyst and have only done minor project maintainance in Flash Pro and
that is not my thing, working with timelines and such.

Design view isn't gone yet and even if it does go away next year or smth it won't stop working
all of a sudden in the then current Flash Builder.
And no, this doesn not affect my reading of their roadmap.  Flex as it is has no place in
their roadmap.  But there is lots of other stuff there that has implications as to the future
viability of Flex in it's current shape/form.

On 17.11.2012, at 16:49, sébastien Paturel wrote:

> and were you using Catalyst also?
> Knowing that Adobe will drop the design view, and flash catalyst don't make you think
much less confident about their roadmap and the place of flex in it?
> Le 17/11/2012 17:44, Hordur Thordarson a écrit :
>> Well, this will always be different for everyone.  I personally don't like IntelliJ,
do like FlashBuilder/Eclipse (use Eclipse for all my Java dev as well) and I use the design
view in every single Flex app I've written so far and don't see that changing.  For instance,
the design view allows me to have inexpensive non-programmers draw the views for apps I'm
writing while I write the business logic.  Works like a charm.
>> On 17.11.2012, at 14:58, John Cunliffe wrote:
>>> On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Hordur Thordarson <hordur@lausn.is> wrote:
>>>> Also, what would the experience be on the dev tools side ?  Currently we
>>>> have Flash builder with a pretty nice, WYSIWYG GUI builder and as I said,
>>>> pretty nice compile-run-debug experience.  If Flex is ported to Haxe or
>>>> some other language, we are back to square one as far as this is concerned.
>>>> If Flex sticks to AS3/MXML but then gets cross-compiled into HTML/JS, then
>>>> as I said above, the code you run/debug will not be the actual code you
>>>> wrote.  All sorts of new problems will follow.
>>> Haxe can be debugged in IntelliJ, which most developers I know consider
>>> better than FlashBuilder/Eclipse. The design view might be missing, but
>>> I've not seen a single serious project using that. Besides, nobody stops
>>> you from generating AS3 code from 'Flex Haxe' and then debug that just like
>>> you did before. should Flash really be your chosen target platform. Others
>>> however might decide to compile it towards different platforms.

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