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From Simon Morvan <gar...@zone84.net>
Subject Re: AW: [POLL] Maven and Apache Flex
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:18:10 GMT
Le 28/11/2012 13:56, christofer.dutz@c-ware.de a écrit :
> Then it outputs the license text to the console (and hereby to the screen and/or log).
If this is an interactive build, it prompts the user to accept the license, if it's a non-interactive
build it generates a token (UUID) and outputs that so it is written to the log.
> Now you can set a property "adobe.accept-licence-token" and provide the previously generated
token ... now the user has to do a second run. This time when checking that the artifacts
are present the tool will see that a token is provided and compares that to the previously
generated one. If these match, it downloads and mavenizes the missing resources.

Given that licensed artifacts would be shipped from Adobe's repository,
couldn't it be a License you implicitly accept by using the repository ?
Adobe could require that user registers a contact email to be notified
of licensing updates as it was done in the past for Flashplayer
redistribution policy.

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