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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: [FALCON] It starts with an idea
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:37:46 GMT

I totally get where you are coming from with the implied strength of  
this framework being is "standards approach to development".

Let me rephrase;

My idea is that the MXML compiler is a VERY powerful user interface  
abstraction tool. I think Gordon said it well, that MXML is a very  
capable declarative user interface abstraction.

This is what I am talking about leveraging. Whether MXML gets rendered  
to Android, JS, HTML5 what ever, my point is, I can use Android as a  
starting point because this is where my money is coming from.

You know I have heard OOP preached forever that the model needs to be  
separated from the view. This is where the MXML compiler could be  

> "one-man-effort"

Well I get what your saying but, efforts come into existence to solve  

I'm not talking about making Android applications in AS3 either. I'm  
talking about the "view" layer.

Anyway, this idea is not even thought out yet.


Quoting Carlos Rovira <carlos.rovira@codeoscopic.com>:

> Hi, I understand your points, and seems very logical. I only want to
> express this thoughts I was having and my fear that this project would end
> having many new disconnected things that finaly ends with it in the future,
> and see others opinion. Taking things like "one-man-effort" seems to be the
> natural way, since only traction of that one effort could make people to
> join that particular cause.
> 2012/11/15 Michael Schmalle <apache@teotigraphix.com>
>> BTW;
>> I am having a REAL HARD time understanding why Android is different from
>> the Flash Player, AIR etc.
>> The only thing I am starting to get here is this project is still married
>> to Adobe in a big way.
>> It's a shame, I bring up an idea about bridging the Flex compiler to some
>> other open-source project and I get the "your not inline with the projects
>> goals".
>> What to keep giving Adobe and their Flash Player all the support and hype,
>> hey they have Stage3D now folks we must create a whole new framework that
>> runs on it!?
>> Is there any other Apache project that is so dependent on a proprietary
>> technology like Flex is with the Flash Player?
>> Mike
>> Quoting Michael Schmalle <apache@teotigraphix.com>:
>>  Hey,
>>> Don't get me wrong here people, I always sound like an instigator because
>>> I love life to much to be tied down to a thought.
>>> Yes I read Carlos's thoughts on splitting the project and not being
>>> "inline" with the project's "multi-deployment" goals. This is where
>>> translation gets lost in email and culture I guess.
>>> Please re-read what I wrote about the Swiss Army knife analogy.
>>> All, I am not a corporation nor an huge entity that could create this
>>> mammoth run everywhere dream you hope of. I AM a developer that is very
>>> into Android and see a bridge with this project. A use-case.
>>> So who is to say If I could with others help get this to work, that it
>>> couldn't then be applied to other platforms?
>>> My strong emphasis on Android is to say, hey focus on the one
>>> first(something that you are good at), get it right, perfect it and then
>>> move to the many. That is all I am saying, how we get there is another
>>> story.
>>> Bertrand, your right with that comment about splitting communities. I
>>> guess this is why I haven't brought this up because I disagree with the
>>> main mission of the run everywhere majic this project is trying to hold, I
>>> think it's holding ti back.
>>> The truth is, If I got ostracized because of this idea I would just quit
>>> and do all Android/Music like my original plan was, why even help something
>>> I don't use.
>>> Mike
>>> Quoting Bertrand Delacretaz <bdelacretaz@apache.org>:
>>>  On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 11:07 AM, Carlos Rovira
>>>> <carlos.rovira@codeoscopic.com**> wrote:
>>>>> ...My key points here is: whatever you want to do is up to you, but to
>>>>> be part
>>>>> of Apache Flex should be aligned with the main focus and goal of the
>>>>> project. If you use the Falcon compiler to make something useful but
>>>>> different, I think it could be a brand new project, that could have
>>>>> sense
>>>>> in its own....
>>>> Splitting projects usually splits communities as well - IMO some
>>>> android-specific stuff could very well live in an "android" subfolder
>>>> here.
>>>> -Bertrand
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>> http://blog.teotigraphix.com
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