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From "Mark Fuqua" <m...@availdata.com>
Subject RE: Flex 5
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 15:55:27 GMT
Well.  ADG.  I can honestly say, the only time I ever used it, was
indirectly, as the Ilog Gantt Chart was based on the Advanced Data Grid.  I
was just aware that there wasn't a Spark version of the ADG and that many
people have mentioned that the MX version was a little buggy.

I think maybe the Spark data grid would be fine...as long as it allows the
expandable tree in the first column.  I am a noob and am actually stuck with
MX only as I cannot afford IBM Ilog Elixir Enterprise (the version that runs
on flex 4...$3200 plus deployment costs as compared to the $800 I paid for
Ilog Elixir, pre IBM that works with the Flex 3 SDK).

It does seem Flex 3 is a good bit simpler than Flex 4 and I am curious, if
you don't mind offering your opinion, how much of the complexity of Flex 4
was simply to chase Adobe's dream of Flash Catalyst and how much was really
a necessary change to make Flex better?  

How different is Flex 4 from Flex 3?  I have done some mobile work in Flex
4.6 and it seems quite similar, but I have read that it is quite different
and I wonder if all I am learning working with Flex 3 and Ilog is wasted or
most will transfer over to Flex 4?

Thanks for all your hard work,

Mark Fuqua


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From: Carol Frampton [mailto:cframpto@adobe.com] 
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 10:19 AM
To: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: Flex 5

On 11/17/12 12 :58PM, "Mark Fuqua" <mark@availdata.com> wrote:

>I love Flex.  And I don't see changing anytime soon.
>FWIW, I would be surprised if Adobe and/or others are not hard at work 
>creating the 'Next Flex' that targets JS HTML5 or multiple targets.  It 
>would certainly fit with Edge/Muse/Brackets...maybe Adobe Sencha?
>I say this gently, as one who has not submitted any code myself:
>In the short run, like the next year or so...Apache Flex 5 maybe, it 
>would be great to have the following worked on/created:
>Additional Spark components

What would you like to see?


We had planned to replace this with the Spark DataGrid but as you probably
know not all the features were finished.  Which features in particular would
you like to see implemented?  Locked rows and columns, and sorting multiple
columns was finished and the code is in my whiteboard but haven't been moved
to the sdk yet.


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