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From Gary McGhee <s...@buzzware.com.au>
Subject Why is Flash Pro not the preferred design tool for Flex ? Is/was there any point in Flash Catalyst?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 15:47:51 GMT
Considering how HTML websites and apps are prototyped and designed these days either in Photoshop/Fireworks
or by hand-coding and refreshing the browser, 
why do/did we need a third kind of tool that lets you layout an app, but not really design
or code it? Also I used to like the idea of a design view, but it quickly 
became useless for dynamically laid out or very complex screens, and once you really knew
MXML it became superfluous.

So I don't see the point in reviving such a thing - I would prefer to see better support for
vector assets in Flex, and better support in Flash Pro for
 mocking UIs and exporting meaningful symbols for Flex. Many designers already know Flash
Pro too.

Lastly, with Falcon on the scene, would't it be possible to emulate the hand-coding/browser
refreshing style of development in near realtime? It should be 
possible to build a live preview of your app that incrementally compiles changes and displays
the latest version running. This does depend on how the app works, 
but if that was available it may well be worth decoupling screens such that they can be layed-out
this way running in a preview shell app, before being included 
into the real app.

Gary McGhee
EmberJS/Flex/Ruby developer

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