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From Bertrand Delacretaz <bdelacre...@apache.org>
Subject Re: New wiki entry clarifying relationship between Apache Flex and Adobe? (was: Financing the Design View AIR App (Was: Re: Design View AIR App))
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 19:40:45 GMT

On Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 7:46 PM, s├ębastien Paturel
<sebpatu.flex@gmail.com> wrote:
> ...Someone could write a new wiki entry to explain once and for all in what and
> how Adobe is contributing to flex
> and clarifying in what and how Adobe is publicly engaged (get the link to
> the flash player and AIR Roadmap) and things like
> "Adobe has made no promises about FXG support into the future."
> should be compiled in this page....

Note that IMO (and with my incubation mentor hat on) such statements
do not belong on the Apache Flex website or wiki. Links to statements
that Adobe and others make about Flex are fine, but I'd stop there.

Like any other company, Adobe cannot "participate" in an Apache
project, cannot be a member of the foundation etc., that's different
from other foundations where companies do have a voice, here they

We're extremely thankful for the support that companies provide to our
projects by paying people to work on them, and for some of them [1] by
sponsoring the foundation, but as funny as it might seem this does not
provide those companies with a voice in our projects.

Whoever participates in an Apache project does so as an individual,
they do not represent their company. It's a fine line, as many of us
are participating in Apache projects as part of our paid work, but
this (somewhat extreme, and a bit unusual) independence with respect
to companies is key to Apache's long-term success, as that makes
Apache a very neutral place for people to collaborate.


[1] http://www.apache.org/foundation/thanks.html

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