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From Omar Gonzalez <omarg.develo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is Apache model killing this project?
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:19:55 GMT
> Now, to your actual point about Git, etc. It's worth noting that all
> the mentors cautioned against that move precisely because it would be
> difficult and time-consuming to get it implemented. Our fear was that
> it would further stall the progress of the project because we'd be
> focusing on SCM and branching strategies rather than working on the
> code. I believe some of that fear has verified.

I disagree entirely. No progress has stopped during this "transitional
phase". People are still committing to SVN. People are using an updated
branching strategy. And we are still actively trying to find a person
proficient in Python to take us that last mile. I don't believe any of your
fears have been verified, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten things done
like Peter's (and other non-committer's) work on Mustella and getting
35000+ tests to pass.

> My belief was and
> still is that we'd be better off getting stuff done in Subversion
> right now than trying to figure out how make Git work for us. I'm
> doing that exact very thing at work right now and we are making
> progress on our project.
> There's more but it will have to wait. I'm out of time.
> Greg

I've moved a couple of teams from SVN to Git, its not that big a deal. Its
more griping than technical problems. Anyhow, nobody has ever stopped
getting things done in Subversion so I don't understand your apprehension
toward Git. The decision we made has had very little impact on forward
progress, from my perspective. The Apache Flex Installer Om/Erik are about
to release, on RC7 now, all done in Subversion. The 35000+ Mustella tests,
all updated in Subversion, ...using our "new" branching strategy.

How much progress do we have to continue to make in order to appease your


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