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From Omar Gonzalez <omarg.develo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is Apache model killing this project?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 15:17:40 GMT
On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 8:02 AM, Carlos Rovira <
carlos.rovira@codeoscopic.com> wrote:

> Erik,
> in the first point I think I was misunderstood. What I can see is that
> I can't help in INFRA things due to the fact that Apache organization
> is not prepared and I can't access the level to put work there. I only
> can contribute with patches to the flex project code (as I did). But
> as months pass my vision is that Apache is not interested in support
> Git nor Github and individuals can't make it happen without a level of
> commitment that would be prohibitive. You would need to dedicate your
> life to make this happen and even in that situation you can't ensure
> that would happen in the end...

This is a little bit overly dramatic. Apache is interested in Git, this is
why they are asking for volunteers from projects that wish to move to it
full time. The volunteer efforts do not involve you to "dedicate your life"
to make it happen. All they're asking for is someone with knowledge of
Python to help fix JIRA issues in their already existing Git admin written
in Python. I would have volunteered myself, but I am not proficient in

> Talking about the sensation of "Ghost Town": I think it could be
> removed if people investing time could talk more about what is doing,
> contributing to the overall feeling that the project is moving
> forward.
> This could make people (knowing what things are rolling) trying to
> contribute to that efforts.
> Right now I don't know what people are doing...What is doing Alex?
> Carol? Peter? Gordon? Michael? Om? Omar? You? and so on.... if people
> could see some page where actual efforts were listed, people could
> adhere to the cause...but what is currently needed? what plans are
> driven actualy? plans that really have opportunities to reach a decent
> level of completion? There's so much missinformation (I say this from
> the point of view of someone that is following the project so close).
> i.e. I recently know that almost 100% of mustella are working, there
> was no announcement here...or maybe I miss that mail

>From following the threads there are two things that seem to me like they
are the things that are the main focus.

1.) JIRA tickets.
2.) Mustella tests

The problem with #1 is that we can not verify that changes people make
don't break the framework because all the Mustella tests don't work.
Therefore, Alex and Peter have been concentrating their efforts on making
all the Mustella tests pass, which I forget which of you were also helping
with. This step is vital to being able to move forward with both JIRA fixes
and new development efforts.

I didn't need a webpage to tell me that, I just follow the threads.

As far as I can remember regarding Gordon, he is only working on the
project 1 day out of the week, concentrating on Falcon.

Personally, I've been busy with a big project at work and getting ready for
my wedding next week. I expect my participation in the project to increase
once I'm back from my honeymoon. At that point I'll be able to start
learning me some Python and get this Git shit over the hump if no other
volunteers come up by then. We aren't far off from moving it to Git
read/write repo, we just need to come up with that support guy for Apache

Omar Gonzalez
Apache Flex PPMC

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