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From teoti...@teotigraphix.com
Subject Re: Design View AIR App (Was: Re: Apache Flex GUI Designer tools)
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 10:35:57 GMT
Quoting Roland Zwaga <roland@stackandheap.com>:

>> Ok, I looked at this code, it looks like they use a socket bridge from
>> Eclipse to the browser to send actions/commands/messages.
>> The developer has created an AST API in ActionScript that looks like it
>> decorates metadata XML. I'm not sure if it's metadata or actually AST XML
>> sent over the socket bridge from Eclipse's AST model.
>> Anyway, this idea is golden for writing wrappers from each IDE. From the
>> looks of it we might actually be able to use that SWFBridge for a viewer. I
>> don't know this is after looking at the GIT code for about 5 minutes.
>> For those interested, I think it would be worth while to abstract this
>> project into 2 code sections, one that is not dependent on AIR APIs and the
>> actually designer just use Flash APIs no AIR.
>> This way if you needed different types of functionality, you still could
>> use a browser without loosing the design capability.
>> Honestly folks, I could see how a simple socket bridge could be used in
>> DND operations also. The DNBD is initiated in say Eclipse, the dnd info is
>> pushed to the designer over the socket, when the mouse then enters the SWF
>> it already knows what it is dragging.
>> The only problem is I am very rusty and don't know if the Flash Player
>> would get an event of some type when the mouse enters the browser with the
>> mouse already down.
>> This sounds even more doable looking at the code. Essentially the designer
>> app is purly in ActionScript so there is no IDE wars happening there.
>> We could set it up also down the road where the default, the properties
>> editors existed IN THE APP and if an IDE so choose, could turn them off and
>> then the properties panel would actually be implemented in the IDE natively
>> using the DND API we make.
> Ok, sorry for being ignorant here ;) I'm getting a bit of an acronym
> overdose hehe. What exactly is DND and DNBD? In any case, I'm glad that
> this existing work looks promising, this way it might be possible to make a
> running start. It would be hilarious if Apache Flex folks would actually be
> able to create a Flashbuilder plugin that facilitates this, I've been
> saying for years that FB should allow plugins to be developed in the
> language its supporting. (Eclipse->Java, VIsual Studio->C#,etc) Yet somehow
> Adobe didn't think this was a good idea apparently... (Them again, I'm not
> a business genius, just a dumb developer)
> I'm not sure how many plugins have been created for FDT yet using this API,
> maybe there's folks working for Powerflasher on this list that can shed
> some light on this?
> Roland

Everything was Drag and Drop, typo. I think I was typing Drum and Bass  
to... ;-)

Well Roland, I looked at the code again. I need to take it down a  
notch, there are about 3 different things I am looking at.

1. Direct communication from an IDE to Browser over a socket.
2. How we could use existing code, IE SWFBridge.
3. If writing a plugin using this framework is relevant.

When I first looked at it I was more looking at how they were  
communicating with the FlashPlayer not the actual use of ActionScript  
to extend Eclipse.

They are just sending commands from a parsed ActionScript/MXML file,  
creating an AST tree in Eclipse using the parser, sending that AST  
back to the Player and loading it into there ActionScript AST tree  
that then is used to send real commands back to Eclipse.

This is crazy, but I actually understand what they are doing, hmm this  
looks like something I would have tried if I had the time. :)


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