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From Michael Schmalle <apa...@teotigraphix.com>
Subject Re: Design View AIR App (Was: Re: Apache Flex GUI Designer tools)
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2012 21:51:48 GMT
Quoting Om <bigosmallm@gmail.com>:

>>  2.  Design area:  This would be a container where we will draw the objects
>> I actually wrote a RuledCanvas component 3 years ago that exactly mimicked
>> fireworks interface with the sliding rulers, drag and drop components onto
>> the "floating canvas". I spent about 2 years on it. It has rulers, snap,
>> resize, move, guides a grid etc. hehe Search google for ResizeManagerFX
>> That was a commercial component I mad for Flex 2.
> That is fantastic!  I have written something similar, but that is
> proprietary code.  I was planning to write everything from scratch.  Any
> chance you could contribute your component to Apache Flex?

I'm thinking about it now. It's funny, at the beginning of this thread  
I said I really didn't want to have anything to do with this and now  
look at me. I guess I just need at least one other person to be  
excited and have a plan. :)

As usual, code from 4 years ago needs a bit of work and probably isn't  
implemented as good as it could be but, we can use it for a jumping  
off point if this gets started.

I found a version I was actually working on last year before the Adobe  
crap on developers November happened that I was converting to Spark.

I will have to dig into some of my Backup Cd's! for the original that  
had all the guides  and snapping. Rotation always killed me and that  
will need to be implemented.

>>  4.  Properties area:  Properties such as: styles, skins, layout of
>>> selected
>>> components could be changed here.
>> This could all be created in the build using the compiler to create the
>> XML manifest (see above). It would actually use the same type of logic I
>> have currently in the documentor I'm working on with Flacon.
> I am not clear on this.  Can you please elaborate?  Are you talking about
> re-opening a project in the design view?  Or writing the properties to the
> XML?

Oh I just meant that the XML that the compiler would generate, our  
schema would have inspectable properties since we  can read meatadata  
and we would have the types. So when creating the property sheets in  
the application, we wouldn't use reflection or anything, just the  
loaded XML data that was compiled by the compiler pass.

>>  5.  Skins could be created/edited in the same way.  They could also be
>>> applied onto their corresponding Host Components as well.
>>> 6.  Generate MXML:  This is the part that I am unclear.  My first thought
>>> is to walk through the flash player display hierarchy and create an XML
>>> containing all the components in the screen along with their properties
>>> and
>>> styles.  Feed this primitive XML into Falcon (lots of hand-waving here)
>>> which spits out MXML.  This MXML can be edited in the IDE.
>> This I would be listening to others as to the best implementation but I
>> know we might be able to even target the compiler from inside the app right?
> We could invoke an ant script or a batch file from within the AIR app that
> triggers the compiler.  Or even invoke the compiler directly as a
> NativeProcess.

Ok, this sounds doable.

>>  Bonus features:
>>> 1.  Hooking up to Data services
>>> 2.  Round-tripping between Design View <=> IDE
>>> 3.  Writing Eclipse/IDEA plugins as wrappers around this AIR app so that
>>> it
>>> can be integrated into IDEs.
>> This would be very interesting, I never though about it this way if it's
>> possible.
> The current design view in Flash Builder is implemented as an AIR app.
> Look inside: \Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder
> 4.6\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.designview_4.6.0.328916
> I have no idea how it is integrated into Eclipse as a view though.  My best
> bet is that the AIR runtime is invoked inside an Eclipse plugin.  The AIR
> runtime in turn invokes the design view air app.
> Sounds like fun :-)

I would put time investigating this if I knew where to start looking.  
Or if Adobe could give some pointers, what ever they figured it out so  
we should be able to as well.

HAHA I can't believe I'm into this but, it does sound like fun and  
seems like it would make some users/developers that are on the fence  
happy down the road.

Since the code is open, would be a nice application showing the  
implementation of the framework.

Alex, it might also be fun to plop your new component framework in for  
some tests as well. ;-)


Michael Schmalle - Teoti Graphix, LLC

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