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From Erik de Bruin <e...@ixsoftware.nl>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release InstallApacheFlex 1.0 - RC2
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:49:34 GMT

> Hitting the swc's URL from the browser seemed to then let the Ant script get
> it.  That seems like a rough spot.

Well, if I could design it to behave like that, I probable wouldn't
have to work for a living anymore ;-) I'll still thinking it might be
a localized thing, a proxy somewhere that got primed by the browser
download, but I'm no expert on ant or any such matters.

> I am going to vote -1 for now because of the following minor things or
> things I may just need to know how to do:

Another -1. I'm getting Flashbacks. Maybe we're going about this in
the wrong way? Maybe we should ask the community to test the release
first, before calling the VOTE. Wait... didn't we do that? While I
appreciate all the feedback we're getting, I really was hoping that
the project would rally and help us out a bit after the debacle of the
first VOTE.

> 1) READme (why is this file capitalized the way it is?)

The file name "README" is in an IndexIgnore directive of the
mod_autoindex config. The change in capitalisation bypasses this.

> 2) FlashPlayerGlobal.swc - not the right name
> 3) "global swc" - again not the right name.

I guess you are referring to the 2 textual instances of these 'typos'
in the README? I've fixed those in SVN, renamed them to "Adobe Flash
Player playerglobal.swc'. Do we need to rebuild, repackage, re-sign
and re-vote for this?

> 4) Om's key not in central Flex KEYS file or I'm don't understand how to
> verify a signature.

Om's key and mine are in https://people.apache.org/keys/group/flex.asc

> 5) Ant build did not pick up environment variables.  I had to use
> 6) After getting the script to download the AS3Commons, the build failed
> with:
> /Users/aharui/Work/apache-flex-sdk-installer-1.0.1-incubating-src/installer/
> build.xml:237: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
> com/google/common/base/Function

I'm not an ant man myself, I'll leave these to more knowledgeable folks.


Ix Multimedia Software

Jan Luykenstraat 27
3521 VB Utrecht

T. 06-51952295
I. www.ixsoftware.nl

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