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From Raju Bitter <r.bitter.mailingli...@googlemail.com>
Subject Classpath problem using mxmlc command with Falcon SDK
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 12:19:47 GMT
I've followed the README file, and manage to run the build process of
Falcon on Ubuntu 12.04 JDK 1.6.0_35 using the Ant target

 ant dist.flex.sdk

A ZIP file with the SDK is  is generated in compiler/generated/dist/falcon.zip.

When I unzip the SDK and try to run the mxmlc using the shell script,
I get the following error message:
Using Flex SDK: /home/raju/Development/flex-falcon
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.google.common.base.Function
	at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:202)
	at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
	at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:190)
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:306)
	at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:301)
	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:247)
Could not find the main class: org.apache.flex.compiler.clients.MXMLC.
Program will exit.

Looks like a classpath problem, since I can launch mxmlc using this
command in Bash on Linux:

java -cp $(echo lib/*.jar | tr ' ' ':')
org.apache.flex.compiler.clients.MXMLC -help
Apache ActionScript Compiler (mxmlc)
Version 2.0.0 build 0

-help [keyword] [...]
    For information on command line syntax and descriptions of

- Raju

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