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From "Michael A. Labriola" <labri...@digitalprimates.net>
Subject RE: [OT] Current status on Flexunit4?
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 13:40:14 GMT
>My second area of uncertainty regarding flexunit (from flexunit.org) is what the latest
version is. The Blog on the page claims to be 4.1 RC2, but the download page states 4.1 ("stable"
without the RC2). 
>Assuming the flexunit.org project is different from adobes project and that RC2 has become
the final release I was thinking about using org.flexunit:flexunit:4.1.0:swc as version and
would like to have this published >in a public repo.

FlexUnit 4.x is the successor to the FlexUnit .85 version you discussed.
FlexUnit 4.1 is the current release (http://www.flexunit.org/?page_id=14) it is slightly different
than the RCs before it.
FlexUnit 4.2 is the version that will be contributed to Apache

Part of the confusion comes from the fact that only the older (RC) versions were submitted
to a public repo. A number of people have contributed infrastructure fixes to the project
to make it easier to push it to a repo, however, none of them are complete. Part of the issue
is that FlexUnit really has two flavors. There is an AS only version and a version with Flex
dependencies. This is an unfortunate side effect of trying to marry to Flex, which is light
on interfaces and heavy on implementations.

At the time that development last stopped, the project was being refactored to handle this
differently and hence make it all a little more maven friendly (slated to be version 4.2).
That is the version which will be contributed to ASF.

Yennick did some excellent work getting us 99.5% to submitting automatically to a Maven repo
(https://github.com/SlevinBE/flexunit/commit/d9dc78955ed31e7ed11d390c2c38fb639b2227bc) so,
to that end, I am happy to have any help getting things finalized and actually brought over.
The reality of the situation is that everyone actively working on FlexUnit has left the Flex
community. This means that any work on FlexUnit presently is being done solely by me and between
a million other things. That means its slow going so happy to have anyone who wants to help,


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