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From Jeff Conrad <jeff...@gmail.com>
Subject Automatically downloading playerglobal, airglobal, Pixel Bender, Debug Player -- What constitutes explicitly choosing in non-default build option in a build script?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 21:55:50 GMT

My questions are at the end.  In order to build the Flex SDK, a user
currently has to manually download/install and then set up
environmental variables for where we have the playerglobal.swc,
airglobal.swc, Pixel Bender Toolkit, and optionally the Standalone
Debug Flash Player and the Adobe Extension Manager.

In the interest of making it easier for people to build the sdk, which
should make it easier for people to contribute, I wanted to re-assess
what our options are for downloading Pixel Bender, the Standalone
Debug Flash Player, playerglobal.swc, and airglobal.swc.  I'd like to
have as close to a repeatable and automated one-button build as we
possibly can.

I'm pretty sure all of these items above are considered Category X /
Prohibited works licenses because they're binary based, and as such
they're considered prohibited works.  The 3rd party licensing policy
says this about build scripts with prohibited works

Build Scripts
YOU MUST NOT distribute build scripts or documentation within an
Apache product with the purpose of causing the default/standard build
of an Apache product to include any part of a prohibited work.

YOU MAY include within an Apache product a documented, non-default,
build option to allow users to explicitly insert a prohibited work
into a single binary package with the Apache product code.

YOU MAY ALSO include within an Apache product a documented,
non-default, build option to allow users to explicitly choose to
validate, retrieve, or configure any system requirement for an Apache
product, provided that such option is not likely to be confused with
the standard product build and that any resulting retrieval of a
prohibited work is accompanied by a clear identification of its
associated license.

On May 2, Bertrand said that we could make downloading playerglobal an
optional build step.  http://markmail.org/message/b3miai345mw74jxa

Having run the ant script, I'm inferring a non-default build option is
one of the prompts.  Currently the things automatically downloaded are
MPL or Adobe licensed.


If we add prompts to download these items for the user, can we have
the prompt itself default to a 'yes' for a category X licensed item
like player/air global, Pixel Bender, or the Standalone Debug Flash
Player or does that violate the part about allowing the user to
explicitly choose?

Also, was the BlazeDS support defaulted to 'no' because it's optional
and is currently a huge download or was the reasoning based on the


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