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From Left Right <olegsivo...@gmail.com>
Subject May I fork the project for creating a reduced version of it?
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2012 09:30:29 GMT
Hi again,
After some thinking... this is my question, but I'm not yet mentally
ready to do it, only wondering about the consequences of it.
So... The SDK needs to be significantly changed in order for it to be
built and used on Linux. The changes aren't as much related to the
code of the SDK itself as to the way it is built, packaged and

So, my very far going plan was like this: find the bits that will
function / make sense on Linux (these are the asc, compiler, debugger,
swfutils and some more) and create from them a DEB package. I'd host
it on launchpad.com because it will give at least the Ubuntu users the
familiar interface for installing / updating the program.
Things that are not possible to use include these:
- anything that uses Flash player 11.3 or later.
- anything that uses AIR 3.0 or later.
- anything that uses PixelBender.
- I'm not sure about things that target Android / iOS.
I would primarily try to get the compiler functioning.

Well, I guess, I'd need your permission to do this, as this isn't
technically a mirror or something. Besides you may or may not want to
give this permission :) are there any legal impediments for doing so?
If this is technically possible, I've also one more question: what is
the state of Falcon and how hard do you think will it be to get it to
compile and to work on Linux? I've tried to check it out, but the
sources aren't yet there.



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