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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject Switching to Git - immediate repercussions
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 18:04:00 GMT
> I can do it.  Can we first discuss what the immediate repercussions would be when the
switch happens?  Here are my concerns:
> 1.  What happens to the automated builds when we do the switch?  I think we are using
an svn connector in Jenkins right now.  We need to switch to the git plugin for the switch.
> 2.  The Jenkins automated build is broken right now because of the repo structure change.
 I believe we would want to fix that before we make the move.
> 2.  How are commit/push notifications affected?  Right now emails come to flex-commits@i.a.o.
 Will this be affected?
> 3.  How long would the switch take?  Do we need to freeze checkins in the meantime?
> 4. Who has/should have write access to the git repo?   I guess all the
> committers should.  Not sure if we should give infra a list.
> Anything else we should be worried about?

It seems like answers to these questions would need to be known prior to voting to move to
Git so that the project doesn't get stuck. When we voted did we move from something known,
supported, and working to something that is unknown, unsupported, and not working?

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