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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Branching Strategy and SCM
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 16:21:08 GMT
> 4. Classic Model (see Description 2) on SVN

+1 non-binding.

I do not see the strong evidence for moving to Git now.

I wish we would delay this vote until the research can be done to establish the Git options
as *actual* choices that are supported through Apache. Lack of support for Git makes the Git
option a logical non-starter. Further, we don't know if Apache Infra is just lacking volunteers
before they support Git as an option or if there is more to the story. Three volunteers in
the Apache Flex project: Om, Jeff Conrad, and Carlos Rovira stated they are willing to do
this research to help us remove risk from the project and also provide support to Apache Infra
should volunteer time be the only factor preventing the use of Git as a standard supported
option. I believe it makes sense to delay this vote until these three report back on this
list about what Apache Infra needs to fully support Git before we consider Git to be a valid
choice that we should feel free to choose.

We have heard claims that future work planned will be too hard to do unless we use Git - but
this is work we haven't started on and nobody has actually tried doing this work in SVN and
failed, yet. (Therefore this is a logical fallacy)
We have also heard that there are multitudes of interested developers who will only work on
our project if Git is used - who are they? How are you able to accurately predict the future?
(again, a logical fallacy)

I will say that the supporters of option #9 have been persuasive with me because they are
such strong advocates of this clearly better tool (Git) and model for this project. In my
view, their reasoning makes me wish to delay this decision and vote until after Git is a supported
option because we may have the ability to make Git a supported option ourselves. And, the
decision that Apache Infra has made to support SVN and not support Git may not be just due
to a lack of willing volunteers. Making the decision to move to a tool & model that will
*never be supported* by Apache Infra is a mistake that is preventable. I think we need to
find out more about what Apache Infra needs and not consider Git to be a valid option before
we know.


Scott Guthmann 

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