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From "Guthmann, Scott" <sguthm...@on3solutions.com>
Subject RE: Becoming a committer
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 15:49:27 GMT
> But, you did the right thing by asking your questions so that everyone who wants to become
a committer can understand the process a bit better as well.  Thanks for your contributions
so far, and I expect nothing less from you in the future :-)
I agree with Om - Erik has been doing a good job. I don't think who is a committer, a commenter
or a contributor is a time sensitive decision. A few months ago - Justin McLean was doing
so much work as a commenter / contributor, you wouldn't have known he wasn't a committer.
His devotion and time commitment was so impressive that he was invited and approved quickly
because his devotion was so meaningful. He is a good role model for all of us.

But the exchange between Erik & Om brings up a question for me. There are several people
who are on the committer list who haven't commented, haven't contributed via this mailing
list, haven't opened or closed a JIRA ticket, and probably haven't done much in several months
for the Apache Flex project. Would the project be hurt if those who are no longer dedicated
& available enough to participate be removed as committers? Is there a data security reason
strong enough to remove their access? I know their reputations & the project would benefit
with their participation - however, for some, there has been 6 months of silence. Half a year
of no contribution / participation seems too long.



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