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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1369773 - in /incubator/flex/trunk/frameworks/projects/experimental
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 00:43:53 GMT

> At Adobe, around release time, you had to get additional approval to check a
> fix into the branch getting released.
This is no longer an Adobe project. We can make releases far quicker (in theory) to fix any
issues that arise if we need to.

> That's correct.  Maybe I haven't fully absorbed the Apache Way on this, but
> in my mind, the dev list folks are the first line of defense for our regular
> users.  That's why I would have us working out of unstable until we think it
> is stable enough for less adventurous users.
How does working in another branch achieve that? As far as I can see it's exactly the same
(but with added complexity).  If most of the work is going on in a branch not trunk then the
adventurous user will most likely use that branch not trunk. Remember everything is public.

> On my bug fix days, I would be doing it in the unstable branch.
So you would delay on purpose needed fixes going into trunk? Am I missing something here?

> The Flex 5 components landed in Carol's whiteboard and eventually she will move them
to unstable
Personally I would of put the completed components straight into the unstable branch. You
are more likely to get other committers to review and help out there.

> Because the bug fix might have downstream issues.
It may have, but most often not having the fix is worse. Any issue can be fixed or reverted
if needed there's no need to be commit shy. We are not building a product that only get released
once every year :-)

> In your experience did you make a branch or otherwise limit access just
> before a release?
I've done both and also continued working in trunk. In my experience "code freezes" or "branch
freezes" meant more bugs get into production not fewer. Continue working in trunk has caused
the least number of issues for me.

> I don't see CI being good enough given our testing infrastructure
Which can be improved especially now we have the full set of Mustella tests.

>  and I hope we release often enough that there are fewer merge issues because the
> two branches don't stray that far apart.
I'm an experienced SVN user and I had several issues trying to merge the changes from the
patches branch back into trunk. I know quite a few committers here don't have extensive experience
with SVN and in particular branching.

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