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From Jeffry Houser <jef...@dot-com-it.com>
Subject Re: What would it take to move to Git?
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2012 00:50:12 GMT
On 8/10/2012 6:37 PM, Igor Costa wrote:
> As Carol, Gordon said, We must keep using SVN aside fact that is supported
> by Apache Foundation.
> Git is cool and is on stage now, but  Flex has a HUGE source code base and
> isn't easy to fork on github specially if you willing to download to your
> machine.
  It is clear to me, everyone has a better understanding of such choices 
than me, but if you can indulge me as I ask a few clarification questions:

1) I thought Git was the version control repo; and GitHub was [in 
essence] a site for Git hosting; with some "social networking" stuff 
thrown in.  Is it true that You don't have to use GitHub to use Git?
2) I thought the whole appeal of Git was it was very easy to fork 
projects (and later merge that fork back in).  Is that not the case?

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