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From Keith Sutton <ke...@spoon.as>
Subject Re: [ROADMAP] Apache Flex Steering Survey
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 17:53:33 GMT

On 8/7/2012 8:52 AM, Daniel Harfleet wrote:
> Mike's statement "I am sure there are customers using it" has reminded me a thought I
had about the 'survey' which I wanted to share...
> Many members on this list have probably felt an impact on their livelihood as a result
of the changes relating to Adobe's actions around Flex. My primary motivation in committing
to work in my spare time on Apache Flex would be to help ensure the longevity of Flex and
hence my livelihood (although I recognize and respect for some it may be more oriented towards
> Although the survey attempts to get to the bottom of feature priorities, I can't help
feeling that we should be including parties other than this mailing list to take part in the
survey. Although many of this list's participants including myself have an exposure to a subset
of the corporate users requirements, does anyone have any ideas how we could ( and if we should
) be trying to include the high paying end customers in our surveys ? i.e. the big corporations
that were (and in some cases are) spending money on Flex development ? Is this information
Spoon can get access to through their network?
 >> I couldn't agree more with this but, I think Apache Flex has to get 
to a point where it has something to offer those corporate users over 
and above 4.6. With the release of 4.8.-incubating we are definitely 
closer to that point and will likely get there in the next release. At 
that point (and working up to it) we should be able to go out to those 
corporate users with not just a message but a product. Fundamentally, Q1 
in the survey is about digging out what is "essential to commercial / 
economic success for Apache Flex within the next 6-12 months".
 >> I believe there are lines of communication to 'corporate users' from 
within the network of Spoon, 3rd party product vendors, service 
providers and people on this list which we can follow but this needs to 
be done in an organized fashion. Typically with successful open source 
initiatives this is undertaken by a commercial entity associated with 
the project that builds offerings on top of the project (ex hadoop >> 
cloudera, spring >> springsource). This is something Spoon is thinking 
about how to get started.
> For example only, I personally can see a big benefit to putting effort into FalconJS,
but it may be that 9 out 10 large spenders in Flex development may actually not care about
HTML/JS and are more concerned about performance increases/additional components/bug fixes,
etc ?
 >> Agree, no technology is good at everything, with FalconJS we could 
offer a path from Flex for those things that HTML5/JS does better. I 
can't think of a better bunch of people to define/adopt a JS framework 
than the people on this list.
> Obviously I appreciate that some of these large spending corporations will have members
monitoring this list, but some may not as they probably relied on Adobe (and partners) sales
& marketing effort to keep them posted.
 >> Agree, AF is in a unique situation, it has an established 
user-based, we just need to get organized to access and inform it.
> I am not saying I like the idea of a 'roadmap', but I do like the idea of a 'picklist'
of features that paying organizations have stated an interest in.
> As much as I appreciate the effort which has been put into the survey, I can't help feeling
it is a little bit leaning towards some kind of 'progress report' on Adobe donations rather
than a focus on whats next.
 >> Agreed, but it is a good place to start/clarify. One of the things 
coming out of the survey is the 'other' things people think are 
important and that is going to be a good basis for discussion on what is 
next for non-Adobe people to work on.
> dan

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