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From Tink <f...@tink.ws>
Subject Re: What namespace should new components go in?
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 13:49:17 GMT
 We surely don't need a new namespace for new components that are spark based. That would mean
that each time we release with some additional components we would end up adding a new namespace
(i.e we'd have got a new namespace for a spark DataGrid) Namespaces are not them go show the
date a component was introduced, but to group a codebase by the strategy it was developed

I would vote for keeping packages and name spaces the same unless a new underlying framework
was introduced for new ui components to be built upon. That said I think it was insane that
Adobe threw all ui components into a single "component" package with the introduction of spark
instead of keeping the "container", "control" packing used in mx, with the extremely lame
excuse that it was difficult to distinguish the difference between containers and controls
in spark. All lumping them together did was make it more difficult for devs new to spark to
find the correct component. Containers you can add elements to, controls you can't, doh Adobe!
Too late to change this now though :(

Justin Mclean <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>> Is this stating we migrate from mx/s to a new namespace, or simply start a new namespace
for apache flex specific components?
>No I think existing namespace should stay the same. Too much code and documentation would
have to change, I'm only talking about new classes/components.
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