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From Yann Chevalier <...@baao.com>
Subject Re: How to release binaries (Was...VOTE] Release Apache Flex 4.8.0)
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 08:58:40 GMT

I'm a old user of the Apache Tomcat project (like a lot of Flex devs I suppose). I'm surprised
by the fact that Apache doesn't release official binaries. 

If you go for example here : http://tomcat.apache.org/download-70.cgi, you have a binary distribution.

Am I missing something ?


Le 4 juil. 2012 à 09:26, Bertrand Delacretaz a écrit :

> Hi,
> On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 5:32 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
>> On 7/3/12 1:10 AM, "Bertrand Delacretaz" <bdelacretaz@apache.org> wrote:
>>> ... I have ignored the -incubating-bin.tar.gz file, we don't release
>>> binaries, so -1 on that one.
>> Several Apache documents state that there are binary distributions provided
>> as a convenience.  Do they go through a different process?
> I'm not sure if there's a defined process ASF-wide, IMO what's
> important is to clearly label those binaries as not being an Apache
> release.
> The simplest way might be to create a "binaries" folder under
> http://apache.org/dist/incubator/flex (which doesn't exist yet, but
> that's where the release ends up once voted on), with a README.txt
> that explains what those binaries are.
> Once such a mechanism is in place, I'm fine with people voting on what
> to put in there if desired, in VOTE threads that are distinct from the
> release votes, but let's not call that a release. What people can
> express with their votes is "I think that foo.jar with md5 12345 is a
> usable binary distribution of our software" or something like that,
> but as opposed to source code releases those do not have the ASF's
> stamp of approval.
> -Bertrand

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