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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Building Apache Flex SDK packager on OSX and feedback on application
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2012 02:24:34 GMT

1. Suggest we rename the application PackageApacheFlex (or PackageApackeFlexSDK).

2. AIR may not be in FLEX_HOME so modify the build script to be something like this:
#Flex Locations
FLEX_HOME=<path to flex home>

AIR_HOME=<path to air SDK home>

3.On OSX using AIR 3.2 if you try and build you get this issue:
     [java] Native signing not supported on mac

This is a bug with adt on OSX and that you have to move the "-target native" to be last argument.

Then if you run it you get:
     [java] Found signing arguments and an AIR file as input. AIR files are already signed

If you remove all of the signing argument (see below) the build works.
	<target name="packagenative" depends="compile, certificate, packageair" unless="unsupportedOS"
		description="Packages the AIR file from the build directory to create a native installer
(exe/dmg) file">
		<java jar="${ADT}" fork="true"
			<arg value="-package"/>
			<arg value="-target"/>
			<arg value="native"/>				
			<arg value="${RELEASE_DIR}/${APP_NAME}.${extension}"/>
			<arg value="${BUILD_DIR}/${APP_NAME}.air"/>

And I can install and run the application from the dmg. However no idea if that still works
on windows - perhaps we need a different build target for each OS?

Some further feedback/ideas on the application:

4. Very minor layout issue with the browse and install buttons and the file path text input
they are vertically aligned top not bottom or middle which I think would look better.

5. I'm not sure it's entirely obvious what you need to browse to in application? Perhaps add
"Location of Apache Flex SDK" as a label or tool tip to the browse text field.

6. After clicking on install may be a good idea to disable the browse button.

7. Very minor. Tool tip on 5 step "Unzip Adobe AIR runtime" isn't 100% correct it should be
using "Untar Adobe AIR runtime".

8. Loosing an internet connection 1/2 way though a download gives "Aborting installation"
perhaps "Unable to package Apache Flex SDK" would be a better message? In this state if you
hit browse again the step counters are not being reset.

9. Nice if the install log window was centred horizontally when it pops up.

10. Console log is a list (I made that change sorry) may be better if it was a text field
so entire log and be copied and pasted.


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