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From Carol Frampton <cfram...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: time to help test the release candidate
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 18:56:17 GMT

On 6/27/12 11 :37AM, "Dasa Paddock" <dpaddock@esri.com> wrote:

>I just ran the latest makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder.sh and the resulting
>4.8 SDK is missing swfobject.js in the templates/swfobject folder. It's
>also missing playerProductInstall.swf as compared to SDK 4.6.0. This
>means that when I create a new Flex Project based on my 4.8 SDK and try
>to run it, it fails to run since the swfobject.js is 404.
>Should these files be in the SVN trunk or should
>makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder.sh download them?

makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder.sh is a bit out of date since Om's tool sort
of supercedes this.  My current thinking is I will keep the sh script
current since I use it and it issn't that hard to keep it current but I
will abandon the bat version since it is also out of date and much
hard/time consuming to keep current and it isn't clear it can be used in
many environments because vbs scripts aren't allowed.

swfobject.as/expressInstall.swf/textLayout.swc/osmf.swc all come from
elsewhere (these have reciprocal licenses to the Apache v2 license)
optionally flex-message-common.jar and the Adobe embedded font support
jars come from elsewhere (these have priopriatary licenses, hence they are


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