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From Dirk Eismann <bort...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Asset / i18n resource management improvements
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 19:29:54 GMT
> I think this is a fantastic idea.  I would love to help out.  Every time I
> work with resource bundles, I keep having similar thoughts.  I never took a
> chance to write it out so clearly like you have done.

good to know. Actually, for years (literally) I wanted to improve this
stuff and had such ideas floating around in my head. Now it's about
time to do it.

> What I dont get is why we would need a FB/Eclipse plugin if we manage to
> make these changes to the compiler.  As you example points out, a valid
> class would be created in the src path.  This would take care of the
> auto-complete requirements, right?  All IDEs should be able to work with
> it.

yes. But an additional IDE plugin could help in certain areas, e.g.
when you drag & drop a new image file into the /res/images folder then
Eclipse "dispatches change events" (to speak in Flex/AS speak) which
can be picked up by the plugin to trigger an incremental build inside
Flash Builder.

As of now, the Flash Builder compiler only starts a new compilation
when some source files change (e.g. when you save a source file and
"Build Automatically" is turned on) but not when something outside the
source path changes. An addition Eclipse / FB plugin would just act as
a "watch dog" to tell FB / mxmlc to take over. Also, the plugin could
take care of setting up the required folder structure (/res/images
etc.) and so on. Again, not necessary but helpful for the end user.

But I agree, the code generation should still be done inside the
compiler and not by an additional plugin.


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