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From Rick Winscot <rick.wins...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What is on-topic? Was: Painful story...
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 16:07:07 GMT
I'll risk... 

What prompted me to chime-in was the tone of the initial response; it didn't sound very friendly.
I can appreciate the need to keep conversations focused... but frankly, I felt a little bad
for the person that posted the message.

Please consider the following as an alternative response...

begin ----->

Thanks for the [ question / comment ] [ person name ]; feedback from the community is the
life-blood of open source software! 

We're typically in a 'heads-down' mode on this list... and try to keep topics focused on issues
related to [ active development, our next release, the build, ham sandwiches, etc. ]. I'm
not sure how much traction your [ question / comment ] will gain here. I've taken the liberty
of forwarding your [ question / comment ] to the flex-users mailing list which is moderated
by [ your friendly moderators here ]. Subscription information is available [ at this link

[ some sort of chipper tagline ]

end ----->

So... to carry Doug's comment a little further - it might be a good idea for the PPMC to assign,
volunteer, or otherwise find a few personable moderators for the Flex users list. A few warm
bodies ( moderators ) and some gentle guidance ( email traffic management ) would be a great
way to insulate flex-dev from distracting topics / comments / questions.


On Monday, June 18, 2012 at 10:36 AM, Doug McCune wrote:

> > This is a fairly high-traffic list. 
> This has come up in many people's discussions over the past few days. It used to be true,
it's not anymore [1]. For better or worse, the mailing list activity has died down incredibly.
If you are using an email client that groups by thread, there are *very* few topics being
discussed at the moment.  I count a total of 34 threads being discussed in the last week.
That's not to say that 34 conversations isn't a decent bunch, but it takes all of about 30
seconds to scan the headlines for an entire week of content and figure out if any of it is
interesting to you. 
> And then of course there's the flex-users list, which has never been used, as in not
a single message [2]. I think getting flex-users going would be great, but let's be honest
about the fact that this is the *only* active Apache Flex list/forum/whatever at the moment.
Telling people to go post their topics in the echoing silence of the flex-users list, which
for all intents and purposes isn't alive, seems a bit silly.  
> So yes, by all means let's get the Flex uses list going, but in the meantime, given the
declining traffic on this list, the stalled progress of the project as a whole, and the fact
that nearly all the current discussion is focused on infrastructure/build stuff, does it really
do so much harm to have a few extra conversations here? 
> [1] see attachment
> [2] http://markmail.org/search/+list:org.apache.incubator.flex-users

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