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From "christofer.dutz@c-ware.de" <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: Automated UI Tester for ActionScript
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:54:40 GMT
Hi Jeffry,

very interesting link :-)

What I get from their FAQ, it does seem possible to use it with flex:
"What kinds of SWF files are supported and what SWF files are not supported? 
The tool supports testing on SWF files created in ActionScript 3 that are pure AS applications
containing objects like Sprites, movieclips, and such. Not all Flex (MX or Spark) components
(Flex apps) are supported; however, Automated UI Tester for Adobe® ActionScript® can be
extended to support these. AIR applications, AS1- and AS2-based SWF apps are also not supported."

I would assume that this tool works on basic Flash events and doesn't really "know" flex.
I guess one would have wo write some Java-Based automation abstraction for these MX and Spark
components. But not having to deal with Automation instrumentation sounds great. I remember
fixing and tweaking the automation of custom Flex components to start making my hair gray
earlier than it shoud ;-)

In general this sounds very promissing. I'll certainly have a look into it and probalby add
a report to my Automation comparison I did early last year: https://dev.c-ware.de/confluence/display/PUBLIC/Functional+Testing+Tools


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Von: Jeffry Houser [mailto:jeffry@dot-com-it.com] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012 14:14
An: flex-dev@incubator.apache.org
Betreff: Automated UI Tester for ActionScript

  I'm not sure if people have seen this or not; but Adobe has posted (or is in the process
of posting) an Automated UI Tester for ActionScript up to their SourceForge account.


  I have no idea if this could be used with Flex; or if we would event want to, but I thought
I'd point it out.

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