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From Jeffry Houser <jef...@dot-com-it.com>
Subject Re: Painful story...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 18:05:13 GMT
On 6/15/2012 12:12 PM, Doug McCune wrote:
>> Your experiences / pains on building HTML apps has no place here.  Nor
>> does a debate on the merits of HTML/JavaScript Frameworks.
> I've said it before and I'll repeat it again. This is so very not true. As
> a community, as a project, as a technology, Flex absolutely is fighting
> tooth and nail against the migration of developers to an HTML/JS stack. A
> proper understanding of the difficulties of layout in HTML is relevant for
> multiple reasons, including:
> 1) understanding how the simplicity of Flex layouts compare to HTML (or
> other stacks) is important when Flex developers debate the merits of
> various options. The Apache Flex community needs to be concerned not only
> with the technical aspects of Apache Flex, but also with the marketing side
> of things to give developers the ammunition needed to sell Flex as the
> right choice for a project.

  I agree there is benefit to debating various options and 
alternatives.  I disagree that this list is the place for such 
discussions, as such discussions are unrelated to the development of the 
Flex SDK.

  Even if you disagree with me on that, I fail to see how this thread 
has brought about a discussion of merits of various technology approaches.

> 2) since there is an interest in this community in converting MXML/AS into
> HTML/JS, the implications of how difficult mimicking Flex layouts in HTML
> is an important topic

  The conversation, thus far, had nothing to do with the development of 
the Apache Flex SDK.

> doesn't mean we should tell people
> to not discuss HTML-related topics. They are relevant and they are
> important to the future of this project.
   However, the post that started this conversation was neither relevant 
to the development of the Flex SDK nor to HTML.  It was just someone 
venting about problems they had.  It triggered a bunch of people 
recommending certain JS Frameworks; which is also not relevant to the 
development of the Flex SDK.

Jeffry Houser
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