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From sathyamoorthi <sathyamoorthi...@gmail.com>
Subject Painful story...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 13:40:17 GMT

         I don't know where to share my thoughts. As a hard-core flex 
developer i just dump my thoughts here.

         Yesterday, i started to build a web app using HTML. As a first 
step i tried to build a layout. I don't have anything special. below is 
my layout.

         After a long struggle i designed and positioned my header 
correctly. Then i came to my main page which contains 3 containers. If 
it is flex, i will code like this,

<mx:HGroup id="grp" width="100%" height="100%">
<mx:Group id="grp1" width="300px" height="100%"></mx:Group>
<mx:Group id="grp2" width="100%" height="100%"></mx:Group>
<mx:Group id="grp3" width="300px" height="100%"></mx:Group>

         Above code will take less than a minute and should work 
perfectly in all browsers as i think.   But you know guys i am trying 
above layout for a day in HTML. still i didn't get it correct.

         Usually in flex,

             grp2.width = grp.width - grp1.width - grp3.width.

         But in HTML,

             grp2.width = grp.width. How good it is? i don't know. And 
another thing, i tried to layout 3 div's inside another div 
horizontally. That is also really painful.
i tried float, display and lot more options. Nothing helps me to get it 
right in all browsers. I know it is easy with Table. but i should do it 
with divs.

             Hundreds of libraries there in JavaScript. But really 
nothing contains that number of good components and layout features like 
Flex. I really hate programming in a day.

_*  NOTE: Please don't reply with any HTML codes.*_ I will continue and 
succeed on Monday anyway. It is just a story, how a flex developer 
struggles to migrate to HTML because
of HTML5 storm.

             Happy Weekend!!!!!


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