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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject JIRA issues votes
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 01:54:18 GMT

With the import of the JIRA issue we lost the existing votes for popular issues. So I though
I'd put the the top issues here and perhaps they inspire someone to do something. Some of
there will be no longer important, some have actually been implemented/fixed and some relate
to the flash player but others certainly would be worth looking into. Searching for the old
SDK number with quotes around it (eg "SDK-17854") will bring it up in the new Apache JIRA.

190		SDK-13740	Need a component to render html content (such as from portlets) or at least
to provide wsrp/JSR-168			
189		SDK-12730	A Maven2 plugin to integrate Flex into enterprise projects and continuous integration
121		SDK-14327	[external] Customizing Flash Context Menus			
117		SDK-17854	Replace Gumbo Fx Class Prefixing with a fx: namespace			
103		SDK-12291	Need an IFrame component to display PDF,FDF,HTML content like what HTML IFrame
can do and also the way to communicate with the content inside			
96		SDK-26041	Metadata Compiler Extensions			
89		SDK-14385	Full CSS support			
72		SDK-11256	Option to pop up the Error Message Tooltip when component has focus			
66		SDK-14245	[external] flash.net.FileReference API			
52		SDK-21214	Mac Mouse Wheel Support			
48		SDK-13895	API for creating and rendering high-quality printable content			
42		SDK-29904	Flex 4 spark components performance severely poor compared to their Flex 3 Analogues
41		SDK-14127	removeAllEventListeners(object) function			
40		SDK-219	Access-controlled MXML Properties			
36		SDK-12723	Add MTOM support to WebServices so I can send binary attachments to a web service.
35		SDK-29451	[flex_next] Much slower instantiation of visual components in SDK 4			
33		SDK-28729	[Mozilla Bug] Pasting text by ctrl+v to TextInput leads to crash			
29		SDK-19137	Get rid of timeout on Flex Print Jobs! Allow Flex app complete control of print
job and how it is sent to the printer!			
29		SDK-28175	Ant task for Code Coverage			
28		SDK-28808	hFlex 4 Applications loaded as sub applications with SWFLoader do not get completely
27		SDK-14990	Smooth Scrolling for DataGrid			
25		SDK-27826	TLF: Revising Security Model to Allow Clipboard Paste			
25		SDK-18241	choosing error messages localization			
22		SDK-14623	ListBase throws an exception due to lack of error checking			
20		SDK-15398	WS-* for Flex 3, WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-Policy			
19		SDK-17782	htmlText property gets corrupted when using bulleted lists			
17		SDK-15974	TabNavigator selectedIndex Selects the correct Child, but not the correct Tab
16		SDK-13002	Allow custom metadata to correspond to a class			
15		SDK-14554	Kerberos/NTLM authentication			
15		SDK-15006	Accessibility implementations use undocumented APIs			
15		SDK-18718	Generic Compiler Extensions			
15		SDK-18954	Add additional Embed options to specify image format and quality FORMERLY: [JPEG
2000, JP2] Make possible to embed JPEG2 files			
15		SDK-31889	Add IView for use with ViewNavigatorBase			
15		SDK-13765	REOPEN WebService fault details are hidden by Flex SDK			
15		SDK-23355	[Player 2475450] JAWS Forms mode: Does not read content correctly within auto-scrolling
container when tabbing			
15		SDK-14174	printDataGrid clips off bottom of content when variableRowHeight is set to 'true'
14		SDK-14444	Add JSON serialization/deserialization as a native feature of the framework
14		SDK-14592	Cannot apply custom color in Rich Text Editor			
14		SDK-14828	DragManager.showFeedback doesn't work with List controls.			
14		SDK-25598	[Flash Player] Right-click context menu does not work in a spark TitleWindow
14		SDK-30396	ASDoc generates broken link for type of package constant or variable			
13		SDK-14654	Flex should support application and package level reflection (even if compiler
fakes it)			
13		SDK-19021	There is no convenient property/method on an object to determine whenter any
of the parents in its parent chain are not currently visible.			
13		SDK-18254	Embeded fonts are not available in Modules optimised by Main application			
13		SDK-30395	ASDoc generates broken links to interfaces			
13		SDK-30397	ASDoc generates reference text with double dot from @see to package members
12		SDK-19095	Add pagination feature to DataGrid/AdvancedDataGrid			
12		SDK-12616	Wheel Mouse does not work when over TextArea component			
12		SDK-14805	MenuBar should support top-level menu items better (need itemClick event at
a minimum)	
12		SDK-15444	[Flash Player 2284880] Component does not resize properly when using img tag
in htmlText property

Note that some of these issue have been closed and deferred (now marked "later") and probably
should be reopened.

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