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From Carol Frampton <cfram...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: CI server
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 13:19:16 GMT

On 5/15/12 4 :17AM, "Justin Mclean" <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>I set up a draft nightly build call "Flex SDK nightly build". People who
>have access can you take a look and see that it's ok.
>It's currently disabled and wouldn't work if was run.
>We need to:
>1. Work out how to download the optional bits (Air SDK, Flash debug
>player and playerglobal.swc). The easy way to do this would be to provide
>an ant script  (or a target in the main script not run by default) that
>Jenkins can run. This ant script (or target) would need to be checked
>into SVN.

If you look in ide/flashbuilder build.xml and
makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder.sh you will find code that is doing this for
flashbuilder.  Sounds like we need something similar.

>2. Fix paths of environment variables. Also as the environment variable
>for the Flash debug player is OS specific we probably need to specify an
>OS and lock the build to a machine running that OS. Perhaps it would be
>better if this environment variable just specified the path the flash
>debugger and the ANT script take care of the OS specific bit?

I've been sitting on code that finishes the support for env.properties.  I
think the build system would be a good candidate for this rather than
environment variables.

>Some other notes.
>1. I've set the build timeout to 15 minutes this may need to be modified.
>2. How many nightly builds do we want to keep? I've set it to 7.

I'd prefer if we could kick off a build every time someone checks
something in.  I'm not sure how it worked but our build system had some
smarts so if there were several checkins in a relatively short time they
just triggered one build.

>3. I've set the build script to use Java 1.6 and Ant 1.7.

Sounds good for now.

>4. There's no antconrib installed but for the main target that's fine (I
>believe) but we may run into issues with other targets later. How do we
>wont to deal with this?

I'm pretty sure Alex removed the antcontrib requirements in mustella last
week so I don't think there are any remaining dependencies on it now.

>5. It emails notification of broken builds to

Until we get the kinks in the build system worked out I think the broken
build mail should just go to a select few because these emails get
annoying especially if they're noise.


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