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From "christofer.dutz@c-ware.de" <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: Apache Flex structure to be BMS compliant (was Re: Library Versions used in Flex SDK)
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 14:11:51 GMT
Well I dind't ask Marvin for the code of his tool, as this usually was usually a question where
he got pretty mad pretty fast ;-) ... I ended up creating my own Tool and while I was at it,
I did some optimizations to the way the artifacts were structured and how the poms were generated.
I think it will be best for me to finish this tool and then to give it to you. Then you could
start generating your own SDKs and have it generate the metadata. 


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Betreff: Apache Flex structure to be BMS compliant (was Re: Library Versions used in Flex

>  be a good thing for the people maintaining Flex to also maintain its
So putting the metadata into the Apache Flex SVN repo would be a good start?


I understand that Marvin gave you the built instructions and xml files to create a mavenized
Flex SDK or that you can talk with him to get it from first hand. Moreover, if you was working
with all SDKs as you report, you already know all about this process.

That process could give us the keys to rethink all Apache Flex SDK structure to be BMS (Build
Management System) compliant. (Regarding the instructions, if you can't get it I can provide
you with the files I used in my company and some instructions, although there's some places
out there where you can find it.)

I think that we need to create the needed pom(s) (in the maven case, I don't know yet how
gradle works) for the new refactorized flex sdks in order to create the artifacts. The last
point to take into account would be to talk with apache maven project to publish in maven
central repository the flex sdk artifacts. (Maybe I'm wrong in some step since I never do
something like this... thiese are theoreticaly the steps to follow).

In this way we could have all artifacts directly available when a new flex sdk was released
in a maven central repository.

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