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From Tomasz MaciÄ…g | Fuse Collective <t.mac...@fusecollective.com>
Subject Re: Apache SDK to Flash Builder - anyone what to help out with design?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 21:11:03 GMT
I agree there shouldn't be dependency on Flash IDE. Basically I wanted 
to do it in Flash Pro so you could export most of assets as FXG and this 
wasn't possible from Photoshop.
With the spinner I wanted to do similar thing. Simple object that could 
be exported as FXG and rotated with AS3. It shouldn't be simple motion 
tween though because it doesn't look good. From what I can remember the 
best result is rotating object by 30 deg every 2 frames or so. Check how 
it looks here: http://clients.fusecollective.com/flex/spinner.html. I've 
used spinner from one of my older project.

W dniu 2012-05-30 21:07, Tink pisze:
> Cant we just roll out a custom little spinner that rotates some FXG on 
> enterFrame then? If not, I would much prefer a dependency on 
> mobilecomponents.swc, the source which belongs to this project and 
> that users checking out this project can get their hands on, than then 
> use of a binary FLA that inherently has a dependency on the Flash IDE, 
> which I doubt we'll ever have the source for or will ever be part of 
> this project.

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