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From Tink <f...@tink.ws>
Subject Re: Apache SDK to Flash Builder - anyone what to help out with design?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 11:18:33 GMT

On 30 May 2012, at 11:38, Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective wrote:

> I think I have different and maybe quicker solution (since I'm more used to flash pro
> I've looked inside PSD file and it should be straightforward for me to recreate all assets
in Flash Pro and give you FLA/swf file (you can link elements as desired and use it as library).
> All of elements beside logo and background are simple shapes with filters (shadow, gradient,
stoke...) so it should much lighter. What do you think?
> -- 
> Tomasz Maciąg
> Fuse Collective
> www.fusecollective.com

If you can re-create it in Flash, save as CS4, I can take a crack at exporting FXG from it.

On another note, does anyone else think that having the install button red is a little weird.
Red to me indicates a warning, or cancel, not "click this to move forward".


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