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From Konstantin Elstner <fle...@dashart.de>
Subject Re: bay area folks and flash
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:15:32 GMT

at first, I think the way to send flash runtime evangelists to a world wide tour is a good
But the negative point is, that you are only showing demos, we all have already seen.
The informations you have provided are all facts, which we already can read in the whitepapers.

But we need clear future informations.
A speech like we are focusing on this, and when we will optimize this is nice, is okay.
But not really more I think.

Since the PR disaster around the stop of development of Flash Player mobile,
everybody in the management of our client companies is thinking flash and AIR is a sinking

To have the possibility to argue against this we need more exact informations.

There are 2 points, which are very important for us:
1. Please update monthly the adobe site about the flash player penetration,
this is one of the primary fact for every decision maker.
2. Adobe is telling since around 2 months, that there are discussions with Microsoft,
about AIR support in Windows 8 RT, whats the progress?

Since the start of this your I heard from our clients the question about flash player penetration
more often when ever ago,
when I answer, there are no new informations about this from Adobe, the most clients are thinking
for there self:
Okay flash is dead and Adobe is afraid of publishing the actual stats.

Like: You can not not communicate.

Additional tablet pcs are the future, there is a big push from the html5-based native apps
like sencha and phonegap.
If a client today thinks about starting a new project, he want to use a technic with a feature
and the future is cross device.

So the future of AIR, I think, is coupled with support of Windows 8 RT.

Without a wide range of supported devices / OS's I see no really future for AIR, Flash and
so also Flex.

The information are requested in blogs, at the forums and at the Flash Runtime events,
but there was never any answer from Adobe.

So it seems for us and our clients, like Adobe will, that we struggle through the fog.
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