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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [RT] Voting Result was [VOTE][FLEX-7] package "org.apache.flex"
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 16:49:56 GMT

On 4/3/12 9:31 AM, "Bertrand Delacretaz" <bdelacretaz@apache.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 5:01 PM, Jeff Tapper <jeff@spoon.as> wrote:
>> As its not a modification of existing code, but a proposed mod on a future
>> release, Im not sure this qualifies.  Can one of the mentors weigh in on
>> this?...
> IMO the vote is about a project decision, not a specific code change,
> so that would be a majority vote of the PPMC members.
Interesting.  I wasn't even sure we could really vote on such a thing as I
thought it was basically soliciting what would happen if someone tried to
commit such a change.  I saw some -1's come through and figure that was the
end of the story so didn't bother to vote myself.

I imagine those who voted -1 will effectively veto this change if someone
does try to commit it in the future?

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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