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From Doug Arthur <dougart...@apache.org>
Subject Re: flex breakdown
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 20:14:53 GMT
On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:41 PM, Left Right <olegsivokon@gmail.com> wrote:
> Omar, you are confusing the target users with the developers. You can't
> poll the developers about what do they think the users of their software
> think. I mean, ok, you can, but what's the point if you can ask the users
> firsthand?

There are two audiences to the efforts here in the Apache Flex community.

Audience #1: Developers interesting in enhancing the component
architecture of the Apache Flex SDK
Audience #2: Developers interesting in using the Flash Platform as
their delivery platform, and using the Apache Flex SDK to build their

For Audience #1, everything must happen on this specific list, or it
"didn't happen". Conversations can go on outside this list if you
want, whatever. And those conversations could potentially be brought
back over to here, but then it would all need to be vetted out and
repeated on this list so there's history in the apache mailing list

For Audience #2, there's a flex-users list, which obviously is not an
active list - yet. The goal of this list is to have a community of
developers that are using the SDK for their applications, where they
can get help by asking questions, bring examples of their work, and to
propose potential new ideas to the community (users of the sdk). Any
such proposals would then have to have their argument made on this
list, and then one can lobby for a committer to agree and take on
their idea, whether it's already developed code, or new code to be
developed. But don't expect anyone to take anything on without it
happening here first, because the chances of a veto are probably
higher, but not a guaranteed veto.

I for one, plan on paying attention to what the "users" of the SDK
want, by watching the flex-users mailing list. If something
particularly sparks my interest, I will bring it back here, or just do
it myself and commit it - but it will still be brought here regardless
at some point.

I am also interested in the bigger picture audience for the use of
Apache Flex SDK, so I want features that can be shared, and have a
common interest by the "users" of the SDK. So don't expect me to
accept code that's stripped everything away that makes the framework
less usable by a larger audience. The goal here is to make the
framework as a whole better. If a feature fits my specific needs, and
is worth sharing, then I will develop it myself, and will eventually
commit it and it will potentially make it's way into a release, so
long it's not veto'd.

Have all the polls you want, and anywhere you want them. Convince
yourself of whatever you need to convince yourself of. But once you've
convinced yourself of something, you'll have to do that over with this
mailing list. So good luck!

But as others have said, don't let it stop you from doing great work,
and just do it. If you lobby for a committer that appreciates your
work, and thinks it's an improvement to the framework, good chances
it'll make its way in.

- Doug

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