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From איליה גזמן <gazman1...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What about the flex/flash pro combination - no one working pure flex
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 08:43:55 GMT
@ Cortlandt Winters

At the day when Flex components will be used in flash time line, I am going
back to Assembly.

Flash with all the good things that it gave to us: The time line, the easy
animations, that everything looks simple and easy to achieve.
It's actually not a good thing.

Today if you wish to learn flash, after a weak you can go out and start
looking for a job, with an actual chance to find one.

Flash people are mostly animators, just part of them know action script,
and only really small number of them, less the 0.1% is actually developers
with OOP knowledge.
Give them the power of flex and you are doomed, the gaming market will
be floated with crappy games, just open Facebook and take a look how the
slots games are famous now, so many crap in one place...

No, the true answer is to separate between AS3 and design. No code in time
lines, no code in flash.
The only place where all should be is in you flex application that is the
root to your game.

So if I am going back to reality now, flash is not going to change, and
there is no reason to change it, we need to create strong flex platform so
the few of the Flash people that know AS3 and may be are develops as well
will move to flex. Make them to understand that the best place to manage
your project is within Flex Apache!

You spoke about using Stage3D and you said

> I'm thinking more and
> more about focusing on actionscript only projects and bringing in flex
> components in only if needed

When the needed time is come? When you got really complex component to
create that you wish to use somebody else code?!
Make everyone to start from 0(AS3 project) all the time is not a solution,
as game developer I wish to have sdk behind me that will help me
to achieve my tasks easily and yet with high performance.

When creating SDK you need to think not only about the developers, but the
animators and designers and project managers as well, strong SDK is the one
where the limits of every profession are clear and it's easy to communicate.

Lats make Flex Apache SDK to be one of those,
Flex Apache the root of Flash

Flex/Flash/Android/C# dev

2012/4/6 Cortlandt Winters <cort@cortwinters.net>

> I think the challenge that he's looking to fix is going the other way.
> Using the flex ui components in the flash authoring environment and being
> able to manipulate those components with the flash animation interface.
> I think it's a great conversation for the group to have but in the end the
> solution needs to be a flash pro based solution and thus outside of the
> core focus of the apache flex group because the real solution is a flash
> plug-in that takes a flex view wrapped in a movieclip and displays it in
> the authoring environment.
> I don't know the answer offhand but I think it's a great research project
> that could reap surprising awards.
> Recently I discovered that because of the way that flex views are
> structured, it's tough to use the hardware accelerated stage3d and video
> classes for ios mobile apps with flex. As a result I'm thinking more and
> more about focusing on actionscript only projects and bringing in flex
> components in only if needed as an add on layer in just the way that he
> needs them.
> I'm not sure how the previewing of content can work on the timeline, but
> wonder if some experimentation can enable this by rasterizing video clips
> via an api on each enterframe?
> On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 4:50 PM, Tink <flex@tink.ws> wrote:
> >
> > On 5 Apr 2012, at 08:49, איליה גזמן wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> @Tink, indeed what you are doing is good practice. How ever there are
> some
> >> disadvantages in this technique, because of the current flash bugs.
> >>
> >> The most important bug is that you can't control UimovieClip from time
> >> line, you need to listen to events, to in order to control it.
> >> The second bug is that you can't insert  ContainerMovieClip to
> MovieClip,
> >> it's look fine in flash but not working after exported to flex.
> >>
> >
> >
> > I didn't suggest you use UIMovieClip or ContainerMovieClip. Create a
> movie
> > in Flash Pro with a document class and maybe even an interface.
> >
> > Load or embed the SWF created in a UIComponent, cast it, and you should
> be
> > good to go.
> >
> > Here's a very old example of controlling timelines of SWF's created in
> > Flash pro, inside Flex http://www.tink.ws/examples/**
> > AnimatedSkinExample.html<
> http://www.tink.ws/examples/AnimatedSkinExample.html>
> >
> >
> > Tink


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