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From Erik Lundgren <e...@lndgrn.se>
Subject Modular code (was: ComboBox Selection (was: combo box))
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 21:05:20 GMT

10 apr 2012 kl. 21.08 skrev Michael A. Labriola:

> It could certainly be added, but I would like you to consider thinking about it a different
way. Rather than adding more heft to the base component, we could add another object that
interacted with the ComboBox to facilitate that selection for you. This could be done a number
of different ways.

This may be a stupid idea.

But what if we did Flex development in multiple steps.

1. Compose components
2. Compile components
3. Compose views
4. Compile application


A custom window-like component could start with a factory-file:


After the component compilation I would have a component where the "Draggable" trait may have
added logic requiring my component skin to declare a "MoveArea" skin part. The "Physical"
trait may have added properties like "friction" or "density". The "Resizable" trait may require
a "CloseButton" skinpart etc.

At the framework level we could have a "class pyramid architecture" vs a "class tree structure".
At the application level we would have "pay-as-you-go" components.

The intermediary component compilation could reduce performance hits of modular code.

I'm sure there are many problems with this approach, but ... ideas are better out than in
... right! :)

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