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From Erik Lundgren <e...@lndgrn.se>
Subject FXGImage
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2012 13:53:09 GMT
Hi Jeffry!

Saw your commit of the FXGImage!
Just out of curiosity (and checking my own understanding of FXG), when should I use the FXGImage?

In Flex 4 ...

If I have an FXG-asset I can add it to a MXML-file just by using its name as a tag.


The compiler transforms it into a SpriteVisualElement I believe.

In ActionScript I can create a new FXG instance as a SpriteVisualElement.

var myGroup:Group; var myFXG:SpriteVisualElement;
myFXG = new MyFXG;
myGroup.addElement( myFXG );

SpriteVisualElement inherits from FlexSprite, but implements IVisualElement – giving us
access to properties like: x, y, postLayoutTransform ... etc.

Did you create FXGImage because you needed stuff from UIComponent not implemented in SpriteVisualElement?
Is FXGImage aimed at FLEX 3?

Just checking.
Keep up good work.

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