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From Simon Morvan <gar...@zone84.net>
Subject Re: [MENTORS] Handling Adobe Binaries
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 11:48:50 GMT
Le 26/04/2012 02:36, Alex Harui a écrit :
> We discovered yesterday that playerglobal.swc is not under MPL and is still under Adobe
license.  Same for the AIR SDK.
This is kinda weird.

playerglobal.swc is (and has always be) part of the 'opensource' version 
of the SDK 

The description of the package on opensource.adobe.com states :

    *Open Source Flex SDK* – For users who want a package that contains
    only open source code, we offer the Open Source Flex SDK, which is
    available from this site. This package is entirely under the MPL,
    including its binaries. It contains the majority of the Flex SDK
    (compilers, framework, debugger) but does not include anything that
    is not open source like the Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, or the
    advanced font encoding libraries. This SDK is capable of creating
    Flex applications and can be used in whatever fashion the MPL
    allows. If you have questions regarding the use of code licensed
    under the MPL, you should consult with an attorney.

Which clearly states that content of the .zip is /entirely/ opensource 
*but* the readme.htm inside the .zip states :

    All files contained in this Adobe Flex SDK directory are subject to
    and governed by the Adobe Flex SDK License Agreement specified here:
    Adobe Flex SDK License Agreement
    EXCEPT those files specifically identified below as "Mozilla Public
    License Files".


    The files located in the following directory locations of the Adobe
    Flex SDK are governed by the "Mozilla Public License Version 1.1"
    found below.


playerglobal.swc resides under frameworks/libs/player

BTW,  playerglobal is redistributed in the 'mavenized' version you can 
find on Sonatype repository that is crafted by velo (Flemojos author). 
Redistribution of that stuff had never lead to complaints from Adobe AFAIK.

I think this need clarification from Adobe. From my point of view 
there's no issue with automatically downloading it when building the 
package and redistributing such package containing it (aside potential 
ASF rules violation).


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