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From Sanford Redlich <siredl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: bay area folks and flash
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 19:07:51 GMT
Could you give a bit more detail about why they aren't going to compete 
with Unity and what that means for AIR development?  Thanks,  - S.

On 4/17/2012 11:16 AM, Tony Constantinides wrote:
>     I was there. Basically Adobe confirmed there moving ahead with Flash on
> Gaming and video (in that order)
> Lots of new functionality coming out for gaming, with video they
> concentrating on the big media companies and there needs and screw the
> little guy.
>      I understand the direction there going and they may be successful, but
> they stated that they cannot please everyone and have to make decisions to
> move ahead. Translation: We reserve the right to screw the community if
> money is involved.
>    There acknowledge that they miscommunciated before and claim it will not
> happen again. Umm, ok.
>      They also stated that too many Flash and Flex guys have there head in
> the sand and now need to learn HTML 5.0 as they see a "huge oppourtunity".
> I noticed they did not mention Flex anymore. My take on all this is sell
> your Adobe shares while there stil over $30.
>     Many developers ask how they will expalin to their managers that Flash
> is not dead. Adobe mumbled something about "technical choice" and
> "alternatives". Its pretty clear that the engineers at Adobe have NEVER had
> to explain to non-technical clients about technical direction. They left it
> to consultants, and exsaperated employees of smal companies. I can only
> shake my head. It sounds like 10 year olds saying "people will play with me
> if I still cool".Umm, ok.
>     They mention there not going to compete with Unity in the gaming field,
> but now they impose this "charge" on high-end gaming because gaming
> companies say "we do not feel your heart in it, if Adobe is not making
> money on Flash". I see the logic, and Adobe should make money.
> I hope that works out for them. I cannot see how though.
>   I moving on to Android development in Java and so are many of the Flex
> guys there. What happens to Adobe, I could not care less. I already sold my
> shares. Just my 2 cents....
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 10:30 AM, Ariel Jakobovits<arieljake@yahoo.com>wrote:
>> anyone in the bay area attend the future of flash event last night at
>> adobe?
>> wondering what was said.
>> Ariel Jakobovits
>> Email: arieljake@yahoo.com
>> Phone: 650-690-2213
>> Fax: 650-641-0031
>> Cell: 650-823-8699

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